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My first year

A year in business. I can’t believe it’s been a year of K Stewart Marketing & Copywriting. This time last year I had a one year old, I’d recently been made redundant and I was frustrated that I couldn’t find a flexible job in the local area doing what I love. I did experience some … Continue reading

Don’t be offended if I use ‘so’

A few years ago when I was working in a large organisation, I was confronted by a colleague for what they considered to be a rude email that I had sent them. I was shocked to say the least. It certainly had not been my intention to offend. When I went back and re-read my … Continue reading

Happy International Women’s Day

Happy #InternationalWomensDay (8th March). Let’s make 2017 the year we don’t need to talk about equality. #BeBoldForChange  I thought I’d share this inspiring article in The Independent titled:  International Women’s Day 2017: Historians predict what the future holds And this interesting article on the history of International Women’s Day

Why you should be jumping on the content marketing train

We have been hearing for the past few years how important good quality content is for marketing your business. Yet many companies are still not jumping on the content marketing train.  Because I couldn’t put it better myself, I thought I’d share this enlightening and simplistic article from Entrepreneur.com.  4 reasons why you should be … Continue reading

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