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My tips for perfect copy, every time

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6 things you need to think about before writing any marketing copy

Apart from the obvious need for clear, concise and grammatically coherent copy, a lot more goes into crafting marketing content than you might think.

Whether you need to write something for your own business or want to hire someone to create your message for you, here’s just a few things you need to think about to make sure you get it right.

Get down a brief – You need to know your overall objectives and the reason for writing a particular piece. You should also get down your desired outcome (Download an e-book? Buy your product? Call you?), length (e.g ads will be shorter than blog articles) and where and how it will be used.

Always consider other possible uses for this copy. A top tip is to repurpose everything you create for as many places as possible to ensure additional exposure, consistent messages across channels and to save you time in having to create more content!

Understand your audience – Who are they, what do they want, what will they want to read, if you’re selling something, what motivates them to buy? Really build up a good picture of your customers/readers. This will help you work out what to include and what to leave out.

Choose a style and tone of voice – If you don’t already have a personality nailed for your business, have a think now. Make it appropriate for the content of the article/marketing material but ensure it reflects your brand. Does it need to be funny, corporate, informal? Can you use hyperbole or does it need to be conservative?

Know your call to action – Get, save and free, are great words to inspire an action. They are direct and show an immediate benefit. Make sure what you want your audience to do is clear and don’t have too many messages in there as this will cause confusion.

Don’t trick people – Tag your sources, don’t make things up and don’t promise something in a title you don’t deliver (this is the same for the call to action). Click bait and exaggerated promises might get click throughs to your website, but it won’t make people buy from you and you’ll lose trust.

Ask an experienced copywriter – I quite often see the outcome of an inexperienced writer who is not sure what to say but doesn’t see the value of using a professional. They may write a coherent piece (not always), but does it fit the objective and does it inspire the audience to act in the way you want? This is where using a professional copywriter can be invaluable.

These tips will give you a good start when starting on the journey to creating your marketing content. New ones keep popping into my head but I thought it was best to stop here!

What do you think? Ask your questions or get in touch to talk about effectively promoting your business.


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