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Talk to your employees – the power of internal communications

Keep your staff informed about things that affect them, make sure they feel valued and get a two way conversation going… Sounds logical and simple enough, right?But the reality is getting internal communications right and doing it well is hard work and not many companies get it right. In fact according to Aon Hewitt, just … Continue reading

Check out my top 3 most popular posts

Like me, you’ve probably seen an article online you’ve wanted to read but then ran out of time. We’re all busy and don’t always have a chance to do all the things we want to. So I thought I’d make it a bit easier. Here are my 3 top most popular articles of all time … Continue reading

How good does your content need to be?

Can rubbish content actually be good content? I was recently reading an article on Twitter tips. I was interested to see if there were any gems of wisdom in there. What I found was one interesting fact among a whole load of poorly written rubbish. I stopped reading after that. I won’t name the author … Continue reading

Is it now all about ‘post-digital’?

With a world constantly connected through electronic devices, there is no longer a distinction between offline and online experiences. So does that mean we are now in a post-digital world? Personally, I think that there should never have been a completely separate strategy for digital and traditional marketing – there should always be a consistent … Continue reading

My first year

A year in business. I can’t believe it’s been a year of K Stewart Marketing & Copywriting. This time last year I had a one year old, I’d recently been made redundant and I was frustrated that I couldn’t find a flexible job in the local area doing what I love. I did experience some … Continue reading

Why you should be jumping on the content marketing train

We have been hearing for the past few years how important good quality content is for marketing your business. Yet many companies are still not jumping on the content marketing train.  Because I couldn’t put it better myself, I thought I’d share this enlightening and simplistic article from Entrepreneur.com.  4 reasons why you should be … Continue reading

How I get inspired to write

I write when I’m angry, I write when I’m sad and I write when I’m excited. I could be inspired by my surroundings, a chance conversation or a personal experience. I’ll also be inspired by a good brief or a client who is an enthusiastic storyteller. Someone who is proud of their product and brings … Continue reading

Is the time really here? Mobile internet usage overtakes desktop

As mobile devices are becoming more important for marketers and business strategists, how might this shape our approach going forward. Continue reading

Season’s Greetings and bring on 2017

To all colleagues, peers and friends 2016 seems to have been a very long year so well done to everyone who has made it to the end.  I’m very lucky to have had a busy first year and I’ve worked on varied and interesting projects – from internal communications and content creation to social media, … Continue reading

Are these going to be the marketing ‘must dos’ of 2017 for small businesses?

It’s that time of year again when the Christmas tree is up, the heating is on and the experts predict what’s going to be big in the 2017 world of marketing. So what should small businesses with modest time and budgets be spending our efforts on?  Live streaming and visual storytelling Facebook Live has really … Continue reading

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